Since 2009, we've been receiving occasional reports of some browsers giving an error message when customers click on a link to email us. This issue has been reported to us by a handful of Vista and Windows Mail users and is not isolated to Beauty of the Beasts' site. The problem has manifested itself with messages such as 'you do not have permission to access the server' or 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage', neither of which make much sense, since you are only trying to send us an email.

Solution: if you receive an error message of this type, the workaround to email us is simple. Just open a new message in your email program and type in our email address, found in the 'mailto' link.

(Note: we haven't had any reports of this issue since 2008, so it seems that most browsers and firewalls have been updated in such a way to resolve this common issue.)

As on many websites, our thumbnails and larger pop-up images are generated using Javascript. Unfortunately some pop-up blockers, browsers, and firewalls are set by default at installation to block all pop-ups, including the ones that people CHOOSE to see, such as the graphics for merchandise in an online store, as the articles referenced below indicate. Incredibly, some firewalls will even block all images of a certain size simply because that image size is often used in ads!

Luckily several customers who had experienced this problem on our site--and other sites that contain a large number of graphics--have reported that they were able to adjust their settings so they weren't stopping them from viewing legitimate content. Hopefully the information and links that follow will be helpful in that regard.

Of course if you'd rather have us just email you the shirt graphics you'd like to see based on their caption names, we'd be happy to do that. We can also print out the webpage and mail it you.

Most firewalls and pop-up blockers give you the option of permitting individual sites or pages to display fully while keeping pop-up blocking turned on for all others. We don't have any ad pop-ups on our site, and we don't ask you to accept cookies either, so you don't have to worry about unblocking any of the pages on our site.

Please see your manual(s) for instructions on allowing individual sites--remember that this may involve your browser, firewall or stand-alone pop-up blocker, or in some cases all three! Also please note that we are not recommending that you make general changes to your security settings, since we don't know your level of experience with your system--we are just passing on links to information that might be useful to you. If you choose to make more extensive adjustments than just adding our site to your permissions, or if you're not sure how to do that either, please enlist the help of an experienced computer consultant first.

The following are links to information on allowing a specific website:

Symantec (makers of Norton Personal Firewall) has full instructions for disabling browser privacy for a specific website, and for disabling pop-up blocking for a specific site in their Knowledge Base at http://www.symantec.com/techsupp/consumer.html

You'll need to select 'Norton Personal Firewall' in the first pull-down menu and your version number in the second one in order to access the Knowledge Base, then search for the keywords 'web rules' (without the quotes) which will bring up links to the following articles. Information on adding access to a specific website can be found in article 2000031311301136 entitled 'Cannot see all of a Web page when Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall is installed'; information on overriding pop-up blocking for a specific website can be found in article 2001021911022836 'Creating a rule to override Ad Blocking'.

Microsoft Internet Explorer has full instructions for allowing a specific website in their Knowledge Base at http://support.microsoft.com/ Search for article 843016 'How to configure the Pop-up Blocker in Internet Explorer' and go to 'Allow Websites List'.

Note: you only need to add the main URLs for our website:


to your permissions, not the URL for each individual page on our site.

All designs on this site 1997-2018 Beauty of the Beasts and may not be reproduced in any form without express written permission.

Please email your order to beautyofthebeasts@earthlink.net. After we give you your total with shipping, you can send us a check or money order, or pay by credit card using the link below that will take you to PayPal's secure server.

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